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By now you will have heard of stem cells . If you haven't heard of them click on the next page to read a brief overview of what they are and what they do.

You may also have heard of the controversy about embryonic stem cells. Whilst embryonic stem cells are great to work with in the laboratory because they just keep multiplying and can stay unchanged (undifferentiated) for ages... in the real world ADULT STEM CELLS seem to hold the most promise for mankind (and to our animals too) for many conditions.

This website takes a selective look at the research into stem cells and the benefits they promise us. Some of the academic reading is pretty challenging but I have found keeping wikipedia open in another window really helps. The more you read the easier it gets.

In addition to the somewhat heavy reading in the academic section I have tried to point you to some news stories from a variety of sources. Sometimes these may have been 'dumbed down' a little to make them easier for the general public (and ME!) to understand and enjoy.

To 'protect' their citizens some countries' Government Departments control practices and information so tightly it limits open and free discussion. This has caused some interesting developments in the stem cell industry. Other countries are more progressive and less restrictive and extraordinary successes are being achieved there. Many people are now travelling away from their 'protected' home countries to access new and innovative treatments for a stunning range of diseases, disabilities and conditions.

I have also provided some details of some non-medical approaches that have been scientifically proven to increase the number of circulating Adult stem cells.

Several scientists have come to the conclusion that a greater number of circulating adult stem cells equates to greater wellbeing and may be the most important factor in cardiac health.

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some useful hints about how this site is organised

The headline of every article, study or research report is a link to where I sourced it from. Just click and you will be taken either to the complete study or a place where you can find out how to get the study. Some Medical research journals sell their articles. Some offer them free.

When new words appear I try to find out what they mean and provide a description. Words with a description attached are highlighted in black and underlined. if you just hold your mouse pointer over them (and don't click) you will find a brief explanation that I have often gleaned (and sometimes paraphrased) from Wikipedia.

Use the menus at the top of the page to navigate quickly to where you want to go or if you want to read the whole site in an orderly manner from beginning to end use the NEXT> link at the bottom right of the main body text of each page

in the ACADEMIC RESEARCH section and the STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS section I have provided links to google with specific advanced searches already done for you so you can find additional recent, current and relevant article and reports that may have been published after I created this site. Please use them to keep up to date.

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