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Cancer, Breast Cancer and Stem Cells

What is Breast Cancer

Wikipedia states (edited) get their full page here
Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the breast, usually in the inner lining of the milk ducts or lobules. There are different types of breast cancer, with different stages (spread), aggressiveness, and genetic makeup. With best treatment, 10-year disease-free survival varies from 98% to 10%. Treatment includes surgery, drugs (hormone therapy and chemotherapy), and radiation.

Breast cancer is about 100 times as frequent among women as among men, but survival rates are equal in both sexes. No cause is known for 95% of breast cancer cases, while approximately 5% of new breast cancers are attributable to hereditary syndromes.

The primary risk factors that have been identified are sex,age, childbearing, hormones, a high-fat diet, alcohol intake, obesity, and environmental factors such as tobacco use, radiation, endocrine disruptors and shift-work

Authors note: in addition to stem cells being used after Mastectomy to re-grow breast tissue as an alternative to cosmetic surgery there has also been some research into using Stem Cells as a potential treatment for breast cancer either in conjunction with or as an adjunct to surgery Chemotherapy and good preventative measures.

Scientific Research into Stem Cells and Breast Cancer

The Stem Cell Mobilizer StemEnhance¨ Does Not Promote Tumour Growth in an Orthotopic Model of Human Breast Cancer

CHRISTIAN DRAPEAU. HUAIYU MA. ZHIJIAN YANG. LI TANG. ROBERT M. HOFFMAN. DAVID J. SCHAEFFER Anticancer Research January 1, 2009 vol. 29 no. 1 443-447

Bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMDSC) have been implicated in tumour formation, though it is not clear whether they contribute to tumour growth. A novel mobilizer of BMDSC (StemEnhance¨; SE) was used to investigate whether its daily administration promotes tumour growth. Forty mice were surgically transplanted with human MDA-MB-435-GFP breast cancer into the mammary fat pad of nude mice.

The mice were gavaged for six weeks with 300 mg/kg of SE. Tumour growth was monitored using live whole-body fluorescence imaging. At the end of the study, tumours were excised and weighed. At the start of the feeding trial, tumour areas for both control and experimental group were statistically identical.

Tumour growth rate was slower in the SE group (p=0.014) when compared to the control group. After 6 weeks, tumour areas were 40% larger in the control p<0.01) and mean tumour weight was 35% smaller in the SE-treated group (0.44 g vs. 0.68 g; p=0.031). Feeding of SE did not promote tumour growth but rather reduced the growth of human MDA-MB-435 breast cancer. Get the Full report here Download The PDF for your private use. Click here

Cancer and Stem Cell Research Below is a fascinating study that may be of benefit to people undergoing High Dose Chemotherapy

Stable Hematopoietic Recovery after Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients Receiving High-dose Chemotherapy for Advanced Germ Cell Tumours

Anticancer Research November 1, 2006 vol. 26 no. 6C 4965-4968

Aim: The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of CD34-positive peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) in the hematopoietic recovery, in patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy (HDCT), for advanced germ cell tumour (GCT).

After considerable discussion that explains dosage rates and age differences which showed reasonably swift recovery in White blood Cells,the researchers arrived at this conclusion:

Conclusion: These findings suggest that CD34-positive PBSCT may facilitate stable hematopoietic recovery after HDCT in patients with advanced Germ Cell Tumour, and that HDCT, if combined with PBSCT, could be performed with comparative safety in such patients, irrespective of their individual characteristics. Get the Full report here

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