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Sports Performance, Recovery and Stem Cell Therapy

Young, old, weak, strong, elite athlete, casual athlete, non-athlete, someone recovering from injury, everyone enjoys having strength, flexibility and stamina. For professional athletes and the weekend warriors fast healing and complete recovery is in demand. The opportunities for Stem Cells to enhance this procedure and shorten timeframes for recovery are becoming evident.

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Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Osteoarthritis Therapy

Ulrich Nšth; Andre F. Steinert; Rocky S. Tuan
Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology Technology Insight: Published: 07/03/2008

Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which have the ability to differentiate into cells of the chondrogenic lineage, have emerged as a candidate cell type with great potential for cell-based articular cartilage repair technologies. MSCs can be isolated from a variety of adult tissues, readily culture-expanded without losing their multilineage differentiation potential, and have been induced to undergo chondrogenic differentiation in vitro and in vivo.[15-17] Unlike chondrocytes, the use of MSCs is not hindered by the limited availability of healthy articular cartilage or an intrinsic tendency of the cells to lose their phenotype during expansion. The use of MSCs also obviates the need for a cartilage biopsy and, thereby, avoids morbidity caused by damage to the donor-site articular surface.

Mobilization of bone marrow stem cells with StemEnhance® improves muscle regeneration in cardiotoxin-induced muscle Injury

no citations listed. The report appears to be a corporate document from Stemtech


It was shown that stem cells released from the bone marrow can migrate into injured tissues, supporting the process of tissue repair. In this process, the number of circulating stem cells was shown to be a critical factor. In a number of studies addressing various health conditions, higher numbers of circulating stem cells have been associated with greater health. An increase in the number of circulating stem cells was shown to improve various health conditions.

This study reached the following conclusions

While StemEnhance enhanced recovery, significant recovery was nonetheless seen in the control group indicating stem cells derived from the bone marrow naturally contribute to the repair of injuries. Furthermore, in both StemEnhance and control group, incorporation of GFP-muscle cell was much less in the contralateral left tibialis muscle, indicating that stem cells migrate predominantly towards sites of injury.

Therefore, this study confirms three key aspects of stem cell physiology:

In conclusion, this study confirmed the hypothesis that StemEnhance supports the natural process of tissue repair by supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.
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Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Basic Biology and Clinical Applications for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Basem M. Abdallah, Hamid Saeed and Moustapha Kassem
Trends in Stem Cell Biology and Technology pp 177-190 ©2009 Humana Press

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a group of clonogenic cells present among the bone marrow stroma and capable of multilineage differentiation into mesoderm-type cells such as osteoblasts, adipocytes, and chondrocytes. Because of their ease of isolation and this wide differentiation potential, MSCs are being introduced into clinical medicine in a variety of applications. Here we discuss the characteristics of MSCs, their differentiation, as well as the challenges faced when they are used in cell therapy for bone regeneration.

The therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells Cell- & Tissue-based Therapy

Sonia C Picinich, Pravin J Mishra, Prasun J Mishra, John Glod & Debabrata Banerjee
Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy July 2007, Vol. 7, No. 7, Pages 965-973 ,

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent cells with a number of potential therapeutic applications. At present, they are being used in a clinical trial for the treatment of myocardial infarction and are being studied as a therapy for other vascular disorders. Treatments of neurologic disorders and anticancer therapy with MSCs have progressed in light of the migratory properties of MSCs to brain injury and tumours. The osteogenic potential of MSCs is being exploited in work investigating their use in bone regeneration therapy, and the immunomodulatory function of MSCs is being evaluated as a possible therapy for graft-versus-host disease. Here, the authors review recent work contributing to the knowledge of MSC biology and the advances in gene therapy and tissue regeneration using MSCs.

Genetics and Sports [book]

This publication reviews past, current and future applications of genetic research in the fields of exercise science and sports medicine. It highlights ethical concerns, potential clinical applications and exploitation of genetic information. The authors, an interdisciplinary group of experts comprising clinicians, exercise scientists, human geneticists and other biological scientists, present an integrated and holistic understanding of the field to the reader. Several chapters of the book address the issue of nature and nurture in determining athletic ability and etiology of sports injuries. Other chapters are dealing with genetics and performance research during pre-molecular and molecular biology eras, gene-lifestyle interactions and their consequences on health, as well as genetic risk factors in musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries. Finally, the possible application of gene therapy in athletes, gene doping and genetic testing of athletes are discussed. The book is highly recommended to exercise scientists, sports clinicians, human geneticists, athletes, coaches and to all those interested in the relatively new area of genetic research within the fields of exercise science and sports medicine.

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