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Stem Cells in the News

it seems that nearly every day a scientist, Medical practitioner or researcher announces to the world a new use for stem cells.
This section of the website attempts to address this flow of information. Where possible I have also tried to create some advanced searches to assist you in getting the most recent articles about a particular topic.

A new emerging stem cell-based model of health

November 6, 2009 by Christian Drapeau
As the field of stem cell research continues to grow at a pace that makes it difficult to keep up with, it is becoming clearer and clearer that bone marrow stem cells constitute the natural healing system of the body. Whenever an organ or a tissue has a problem, this tissue .... for more click here also see Christian Drapeau's outline of his stem cell theory of renewal here

Stem cells 'arrest brain damage'

By Paul Rincon BBC News Online science staff, at the BA festival
Newborn babies with brain damage could be treated by stem cell therapy using cells taken from their bone marrow.
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Stem cells and miracles

BBC Panorama may 18th
When it comes to stem cells, mainstream scientists in the UK and America tell us their potential is both exciting and unlimited. But, they hasten to add, treatments for most illnesses are still years away and more research needs to happen.

First Cystic Fibrosis Cord Blood Collection (PDF of Press Release)

List of Diseases proported to be helped by Adult stem cells compared to Embyonic stem cells supported by peer review studies. whilst this list is impressive i have some doubts as to its objectiveness as it seems to be pushing only Adult Stem Cell treatments to the total exclusion of Embryonic Stem Cell Treatments
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