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Stem-cell venture to benefit horses

Leigh Dayton, Science Writer | October 22, 2008 Article from: The Australian
POLO ponies, race horses and much loved family steeds may soon benefit from advances in stem cell science thanks to a new US-Australia collaboration.

New NIH Guidelines, A Step in The Right Direction Thought Still Focusing On The Wrong Approach

April 30, 2009 by Christian Drapeau
With the new guidelines set up by the NIH, the Obama Administration is moving very sensibly on a very delicate terrain, following both ethics and sound science. The original ban by the Bush Administration, which blocked federal funding for any research linked to the use of embryonic stem cells, incidentally led to a focus in the wrong direction. By targeting the use of embryonic stem cells, the Bush policy veiled the more important question of the source of such stem cells, i.e. in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is essentially the creation of human life in a laboratory. The embryos that end up being used for research come from IVF, and their number pales in comparison with the number of human embryos destroyed otherwise, mostly by being simply thrown in the trash. READ MORE

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FDA Stem Cell Approval Breakthrough Laudable
But Experts Might Have It Wrong Says Prominent Adult Stem Cell Scientist

1/23/09 by Platform Strategy San Clemente, Jan. 23, 2009
Today the FDA announced approval for the first clinical trials on humans using Embryonic Stem Cells but Adult Stem Cell scientist Christian Drapeau says the experts may not be telling the whole story.

Adult Stem Cells have greater potential with less risk....

Christian Drapeau, an early advocate of ASC science, posits that ASC are showing the greatest potential for scientific and medical advances. Drapeau says that ASC can be a safer alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells because of a lower risk of tumor formation while studies show ASC to have comparable potential or even more in repairing damaged tissues or organs. READ MORE

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