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Breasts and Stem cells - in the News

Breast cancer victims 'could grow new breasts'

By Grant McArthur Herald Sun November 12, 2009 12:01am
Scientists to trial breast regrowth Melbourne scientists has developed a technique that may allow women to regrow their breasts.

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SCIENTISTS are poised to begin revolutionary surgery to help cancer victims regrow their breasts. The experimental stem cell breast-growing technique could replace breast reconstructions and implants within years

Stem cells to grow bigger breasts

From The Sunday Times March 29, 2009
A STEM cell therapy offering 'natural' breast enlargement is to be made available to British women for the first time. The treatment could boost cup size while reducing stomach fat. It involves extracting stem cells from spare fat on the stomach or thighs and growing them in a woman's breasts. An increase of one cup size is likely, with the potential for larger gains as the technique improves. Read more

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Stem cell technique helps women grow their own implants

12 February 2007
Women have grown their own breast implants through pioneering stem cell treatment, it emerged yesterday. Scientists harvested the stem cells from the women's own fat and encouraged them to form breast tissue. They say the result gives a more natural look than many of the synthetic implants used by showbusiness stars like Pamela Anderson. The Japanese teams have carried out trials on dozens of women and say they have had no problems.
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Click here to go to the Japanese clinic site that does this and read about the process and see before and after pictures.