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Stem Cells, Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Therapy in the News

Use of Stem Cells in Cosmetic Surgery

Scientists have figured out a way to harvest stem cells, those celebrated and controversial medical miracles, from fat removed during cosmetic surgery. A new study suggests that silicon breast implants could be replaced by tissue grown from a person’s own stem cells within a decade.

Implants grown from stem cells have the potential to provide a safer alternative to silicone or saline implants – which can rupture and also interfere with breast cancer detection. They could also be aesthetically superior, keeping their shape and size for longer than artificial inserts, which typically shrink 40 percent to 60 percent over many years.

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What is Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy?

Picture a day when breast reconstruction can be accomplished for mastectomy patients by the body’s ability to regrow breast tissue. Or a facial reconstruction that is done on severely burned patients with procedures other than painful skin grafts.

The advantages to this procedure could be expanded to include allowing patients to grow back hair and teeth as well as skin.

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A barbaric kind of beauty

By ANDREA THOMPSON, Daily Mail 07 August 2006

This article discusses the use of foetuses from poverty stricken countries being used to treat "vain western women" Stem-cell therapy has been big business for beauty doctors since medics discovered the strong healing and rejuvenating potential of stem cells for medical conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. But there has also been a furious ethical debate.

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