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Funding grant for gum disease stem cell research

Article from: The Advertiser July 24, 2009
ADELAIDE scientists using stem cells to treat gum disease in animals have won funding to expand their research.
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Stem cells may offer promise for damaged hearts

Wed August 12, 2009 (CNN) -
Story Highlights
* Most stem cell research targeted at the heart uses adult stem cells
* The FDA regulates adult stem cell techniques that are allowed to go into clinical trials
* Unlike organ transplants, adult stem cells generally can be given to any patient
* Therapies be available in a little over four years, although some say five to 10
In a field largely still in its infancy, scientists are making headway toward using stem cells to treat heart ailments.
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Jaw bone created from stem cells New bone created in the lab

BBC Saturday, 10 October 2009 00:07 UK
The new bone was created from bone marrow stem cells Scientists have created part of the jaw joint in the lab using human adult stem cells.

What's all this about stem cells?

by Tom Shakespeare BBC 8th February 2009
America is trialling it, Barack Obama is about to endorse it, Scottish doctors think it could cure a form of blindness, and a toddler is going all the way to China for it. Over the last month, it's been hard to miss all the news stories about stem cell therapy. We know that therapies based on stem cells are likely to be extremely beneficial to all sorts of disabled people in the future, but where are we with it all right now?

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